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Did you know that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results? My SEO services can help you rank higher and get noticed. The Benefits of SEO Higher website traffic, increased lead generation, improved brand credibility, and better ROI are just some of the benefits of investing in SEO.

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Hi, My Name Is Jubayer Hasan

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh | SEO Consultant

Are competitors with not great websites doing better than your property? Already spent money on SEO that didn’t deliver? Getting ahead in Google is getting harder with every algorithm update. I am here to help with your SEO needs!

I’ve been working as an SEO specialist for more than 3 years and have strong skills in almost every field of SEO.
➤ Keyword research
➤ Competitor research
➤ Technical SEO
➤ On-page SEO
➤ Off-page SEO
➤ Backlinks
➤ SEO audit
➤ Content marketing
➤ Schema markup
➤ Google Analytics
Address  : Jatrabari, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone       : (+88) 01943 17 48 48 (whatsapp & imo)
Email        :  jubayerhasan365@gmail.com
My Featured Services

SEO provides you higher conversion rate than any other selling channel. It provides you with a better image compared to competitors. So Boost your online visibility today with Jubayer Hasan, Best SEO expert in Bangladesh to reach your full potential. Contact me now!

Keyword Reseach
Keyword Research

"Keyword Research" helps you find which keywords are best to target and provides valuable insight into the queries that your target audience is searching on Google.

Technical SEO

"Technical SEO" enhances website structure for better search engine discovery, crawlability, indexability, rankability, clickability and visibility."

On-Page SEO

"On-Page SEO" is a simple word to optimize your content for users and search engines. To rank your content in 2024, you also need to optimize your content.

Off-Page SEO

"Off-Page SEO" is anything you do outside your website to try to improve its search engine rankings. It plays a major role in your site’s ability to rank.

Local SEO

"Local SEO" boosts online visibility in local searches, drawing nearby customers by optimizing business listings, citations, and content.

E-commerce SEO

"E-commerce SEO" drives organic traffic to online stores, enhancing visibility, increasing sales, and staying competitive in the crowded online marketplace.

Shopify SEO

"Shopify SEO" enhances visibility, attracts organic traffic, and boosts sales for online stores. It ensures better rankings in search results, reaching more potential customers.


A backlink is a link on one website directing to another. Generally, the more backlinks a page or site has, the more trustworthy it’s perceived to be.


"Analytics" involves analyzing data to gain insights, trends, and patterns, aiding informed decision-making and optimizing strategies for better outcomes."

My Portfolios

Improves website rankings on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing Optimize your online business. Grow your site traffic, lead volume and increased brand awareness with Jubayer Hasan, an Best SEO expert in Bangladesh. Contact me now!

Frequently Asked Questions

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

SEO is the short form for search engine optimization. It is a technique that is used to increase online organic traffic in terms of both quantity and quality from search engines by getting a high ranking in SERP. If you are thinking of launching a new product in the market, you can use SEO to generate brand awareness and reach the potential customers

SEO is vital for your website to achieve a high ranking among search engine results. Reaching the top page of searches has always been difficult, but it has become even more so with the continuous improvements in how search engines index data. Since poor SEO can be detrimental to your company and online profile, an SEO Expert in Bangladesh must optimize your site accurately and affordably.


I will do website audits, keyword research, on-page optimization, and more to make sure your website ranks high on search engines.✊

It will include the following: 1. Keyword Research 2. Title tag optimization 3. Meta title and description optimization 4. Anchor text/alt text optimization.

It will include: 1. Web 2.0 Profile creation 2. Local citations 3. Social bookmarking 4. Authority Backlinks 5. Web 2.0 Links 6. High DA Profile Backlinks 7. High-Quality DOC Share 8. Infographic Backlinks 9. Local Directory Submission

Of course, you will. You will get unique reports including a keyword ranking report and a backlink report etc.

No SEO can guarantee results, Google as there are over 250 factors that affect your rankings. I will provide a professional service to rank your site. thus, I can guarantee you that you'll get organic traffic to your website and it'll increase your sales.

Of course, it will help. but if you wanna see great results then I suggest you take my GOLD PLAN or DIAMOND PLAN one.

After SEO Low competition keywords rank fast (1 to 2 months) and medium or high competition KW will take time (1 to 3 months) to rank on SERPs. So you may have to stay to see the results.

I need login credentials to get started.

Jubayer Hasan is an SEO expert who has significantly impacted the digital marketing landscape in Bangladesh.

I don’t provide service to Alcoholic beverages, Gambling, Adults, or any businesses doing illegal activities.

SEO Packages on Monthly Basis

I am the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I will do Monthly Advanced SEO Services to Rank Your Website on Google's 1st Page. After SEO You will get more traffic, leads, and sales from your website. Let us help you with your SEO needs.

I Have Many Good Client’s Reviews
jessica CEO of Strateefy

Jubayer did a great job! We were blown away at how fast, how easy, and how affordable his service was. We saved a lot of money working with Jubayer on this project, and would gladly contact him again should we have a need. Great worker, has a great attitude, and wonderful communication, highly recommend!

Imarcoo Founder of Vita

Everything was top standard. We have been working with Jubayer for over a year now. Not only did he develop our business, but he has done a great job of maintaining it for us by performing regular maintenance and updates. Thank you Jubayer!

Julien Raby CEO of XpeedStudio

Work is always excellent and top quality. They are high-quality and worth the money. Will continue to use for future work, great job!

Richardg Founder & CEO of Octabits

A great designer and a great project. Done quickly and quite accurately.

Erich Zauner Founder & CEO of Imexmark

He always loves working with … . Explains every point clearly when I need it and also helps to sort out things related to projects.

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